Why learn French with Avecmavoix?

Immersion sprints

Take part in hyper-focused, short immersions of 8 weeks, designed to master one essential language skill at a time using a reading method.

Official method

Learn French spelling and pronunciation rules via the syllabic method as officially recommended by the French Ministry of Education.

24/7 availability

We work around your schedule when it comes to one-on-one immersion sprints. Start anytime and finish your sprint within 8 weeks.

Build capability

Start speaking straightaway with a creative multi-level program including reading, dictation, conversations and voice acting workshops.

Learn from specialists

Learn all the sounds of the French language you'll ever need from qualified native-speaking phonetics specialists.

App friendly

Build on the awesomeness of your favourite language app during your sprints to fluency to get the best outcome.

How Avecmavoix works

A series of hyper-focused Immersion Sprints

First Immersion Sprint

The Preparatory Sprint

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second immersion sprint

The Fluency Sprint

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third immersion sprint

The Theatre Sprint

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Community subscription

Not ready for full immersion yet?

Simply dip your toes in the Avecmavoix learners community with our Monthly Community Subscription. Read French aloud, get targeted pronunciation feedback and join structured conversation sessions.

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