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Why Avecmavoix

We believe that everyone deserves to be understood. We help the corporate world speak French better over Zoom by offering an immersive French language experience. Using a proven method with pronunciation feedback at its core, we accelerate your career by helping you take advantage of professional opportunities in the expanding francophone world.

How Avecmavoix Works

Immersion Sprints

Accelerate your French language learning with hyper-focused, short immersions of 8 weeks, mastering one essential language skill at a time.

100% online

Save time and avoid commutes. Enjoy the convenience of online tutorials using your prefered device from anywhere in the world.

24/7 availability

Start anytime and finish your sprint within 8 weeks. One-on-one immersion sprints are planned to fit your schedule.

Official method

Learn French spelling and pronunciation rules via the syllabic method as officially recommended by the French Ministry of Education.

Learn from specialists

Acquire all the native sounds of the French language and build confidence in your speaking skills with qualified French phonetics specialists.

App friendly

Pair Avecmavoix with the awesomeness of your favourite language app during your sprints to fluency to get the best outcome.

What Avecmavoix Offers

A series of hyper-focused Immersion Sprints


The Preparatory Sprint

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The Fluency Sprint

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Whether student or professional, we offer comprehensive courses for mastering French Pronunciation called the Preparatory Sprint & Fluency Sprint.

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The Power of Communal Learning

Help grow and refine your French language skills by engrossing yourself in our growing community of French learners with our French language Discord.

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People love Avecmavoix, but don't take our word for it...


"I really appreciate the feedback given right away to help improve my pronunciation."

Ashbina Nicolas

Chamonix, France


"Their Phonetics, Reading and Dictation classes are really fun and in-depth. They are truly game-changing if you are seeking to perfect your French."

Rob Aukerman

Colorado, United States


"My pronunciation dramatically transformed. I learned decoding words and pronouncing them correctly."

Muna Al-Saleh

Quebec, Canada


"Avecmavoix is an amazing place to learn French pronunciation. It is an online community where you can work with experts to boost your reading and pronunciation."

Taylor Rowan

Texas, United States


"I now feel much more confident with the sounds of the French language, and have also made friends all over the world in the conversation classes."

Helen Tudor



"I consider myself lucky to have found Avecmavoix!"

Nihal Ismail

Cairo, Egypt


"The reading classes are very detailed - something that you won't necessarily receive from a regular French lesson"

Rouella Fajardo

Manilla, Philippines


"There are many resources to improve french grammar but it is very hard to find a friendly platform like Avecmavoix where we can learn to pronounce properly and speak with confidence."

Rohitha A.



"I find that the Discord server works really well for the classes. Got feedback on speaking and pronunciation, without ever needing to turn the camera on."

Gyra Mallari


Real Students, Real Progress

Listen to some of our students practicing their French language pronunciation

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialise in teaching native French sounds to develop accurate pronunciation in a standard French accent. Our team of Phonetics Specialists apply the syllabic method, as officially recommended by the French Ministry of Education, for the teaching of French spelling and pronunciation rules. Using our method you will gain confidence in your French speaking skills while acquiring vocabulary related to your career, interests and daily life.

At Avecmavoix we believe that building great rapport between students and teachers is key to success. You will be assigned one teacher who will be invested in and care about your progress from start to finish. Our students love working closely with teachers who are aware of their specific learning needs.

Learning at Avecmavoix is as simple as 1,2,3. You need a computer, a stable internet connection and the free app Discord, used by tens of millions of people. 200+ colleges and universities are on Discord.

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