Frequently Asked Questions

Learning with Avecmavoix

We specialise in teaching native French sounds to develop accurate pronunciation in a standard French accent. Our team of Phonetics Specialists apply the syllabic method, as officially recommended by the French Ministry of Education, for the teaching of French spelling and pronunciation rules. Using our method you will gain confidence in your French speaking skills while acquiring vocabulary related to your career, interests and daily life.

Yes. We have a range of classes to develop different language competency skills. Our Immersion Sprints include Phonetics, Reading and Dictation classes as well as community driven conversation sessions. As we are highly focused on training speaking and listening skills, we recommend complementing our program with your favourite digital languape app to build on your grammar skills. Duo Lingo remains a favourite in our learner's community.

As an enrolled student at Avecmavoix, all the learning material will be provided during your classes.

Our native-speaking teachers go through mandated in-house specialised training, focused on French phonetics. This certifies them to teach the Avecmavoix Syllabic Method to adult students.

At Avecmavoix we believe that building great rapport between students and teachers is key to success. You will be assigned a teacher who will be invested in and care about your progress from start to finish. Our students love working closely with teachers who are aware of their specific learning needs.

Technology requirements

Learning at Avecmavoix is as simple as 1,2,3. You need a computer, a stable internet connection and the free app Discord, used by tens of millions of people. 200+ colleges and universities are on Discord.

As soon as you become a student with Avecmavoix, your Course Coordinator will welcome you to the school and make sure that you are ready for your first class with us. Join us!

About Discord

Discord is a voice, video and text communication service used by over a hundred million people. Discord launched in 2015 and rebranded in 2020 with the simple tagline “Your Place to Talk”. Learn more about Discord here.

The Avecmavoix learning platform is built on Discord as it offers:

- A dedicated invite only class space for our French classes.

- Text channels to organise things like lessons or study groups so students can go over their lessons together.

- Voice channels for both one-to-one and group classes

- A real-time teaching environment where lessons can be shared with up to more than a few students at a time.

- A place for the Avecmavoix student learning community to meet, share resources and support each other.