Community Subscription

Community Subscription

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Still making up your mind about our Immersion Sprints?

Simply dip your toes in the Avecmavoix learners community by reading French aloud and joining structured conversation sessions with a monthly Community Subscription plan.

Reading and Pronunciation Classes

Read aloud with other students, build your vocabulary, develop your comprehension and receive targeted pronunciation feedback from a Phonetics Specialist. Supplied texts vary from A1-A2 and B1-B2 levels and are changed every 2-3 weeks.

  • Work on your French pronunciation with instant feedback from a French Phonetics Specialist.
  • This class consists of a group reading segment and a targeted feedback segment.
  • During the group reading segment, students take turns to read extracts from a French book aloud.
  • The targeted feedback segment offers each student direct feedback on their pronunciation of specific words.
  • Our reading material is sourced from Culturethèque, the digital library of Institut Français.

View the Schedule and book a FREE TRIAL to experience this class. No credit card required.

Conversation Sessions

In addition, your Community Subscription includes structured conversation sessions, facilitated by active members of the community. This allows you to interact with other learners and practice speaking in a fun, safe, and learner-centric environment using practical conversation guides.

A FREE TRIAL to our Conversation Sessions is available once your Reading and Pronunciation Class Trial has been completed. This is to ensure that an educator can assess your speaking skills and pair you at the right level prior to attending conversations sessions.