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Want to join our French Elective Classes?

Credits require no commitment and are a great way to attend Elective Classes not included with your basic group reading subscription.

Add this item to your cart and then change the quantity to buy as many credits as you'd like. Here's a list of the number of credits you will need to attend each of the following elective classes:

  • French Dictation | 1 Credit per class
  • French Phonetics | For 1 | 6 Credits per class
  • French Phonetics | For 2 | 4 Credits per student per class | Total 8 Credits
  • French Phonetics | For 3 | 3 Credits per student per class | Total 9 Credits

All our classes last for 45 minutes.
One credit costs US$ 5.

Earn US$ 5 for every US$ 50

Join My Avecmavoix Rewards and start earning credit rewards directly to your account. The more you spend - the more perks you will receive.

Earn US$ 5 for every US$ 50 spent, and US$ 10 for every new customer you would refer our way!

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