The Fluency Sprint

The Fluency Sprint

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Sprint Overview

Directly build upon the foundational skills acquired in the French Preparatory Sprint. The Avecmavoix Reading Method is applied to establish reading fluency through the reading aloud of complex French articles relevant to your profession and industry.


Sprint Description

Work on articulation, intonation and expression by building on your acquired fundamentals.

Learn about required, optional and forbidden liaisons, the French rhythm and how to make speaking in French more fluid and melodic.

You will be coached one-on-one by a Phonetics Specialist to develop a more natural way of speaking French. You will become aware of your own pronunciation errors, learn how to self-correct, and improve your oratory and comprehension skills.

By contrasting your pronunciation with the correct pronunciation of the educator, you will gradually improve your accent and reach reading fluency.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop clear articulation of distinct French sounds.
  • Achieve proper intonation and expression by improving the rise and fall of your voice when speaking French.
  • Expand your vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Read, speak and sound more natural by following proper French liaisons.
  • Certificate of completion.

Is this sprint for you?

This sprint is for you if you:

  • have completed the French Preparatory Sprint.
  • would like to take the next step and work on your articulation, intonation, expression and diction.


  • Completion  of the French Preparatory Sprint

Delivery mode

  • Online


  • 30 Fluency classes (1-on-1), at a rate of 4 per week

Sprint Fees & Payment

  • Pay in full or choose Shop Pay at checkout to pay in 4 interest-free instalments automated every 2 weeks (subject to eligibility check and approval)
  • Once payment is received, our Course Coordinator will contact you to discuss your schedule and help set you up on our learning platform.