The Theatre Sprint

The Theatre Sprint

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Sprint Overview

Fully immerse yourself in the French language with The Theatre Sprint. Develop your French diction and fluency with our voice acting workshops and build your confidence in the language with a live performance broadcasted to the Avecmavoix community.


Sprint Description

Learn proper vocal projection, expression and characterisation, while perfecting your French pronunciation and adding new vocabulary to your lexicon. Immerse yourself in Francophone culture through full length French theatre pieces and have fun performing and learning with other students.

Each Theatre Sprint will feature a new play so you can join and perform different plays throughout the year and continue to build your French public speaking skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build fluency working on your vocal projection, tone of speech, expression and diction.
  • Build vocabulary by continuously adding new words to your lexicon.
  • Build comprehension by achieving a deeper understanding of each script.
  • Build confidence by  learning to control your nerves, overcoming shyness and self-doubt.


Is this sprint for you?

This sprint is for you if you:

  • are seeking to start living the language in a creative and convenient way online.
  • want a creative way to challenge yourself while learning French.
  • would like to improve your articulation, intonation, expression and diction.
  • are keen to perform a play in a voice-only performance.



  • Must be enrolled in either the Monthly Subscription or any Immersion Sprint for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Delivery mode

  • Online


  • 7 Theatre group classes at a rate of 1 per week
  • 1 Live Voice-Only Online Performance

Sprint Fees & Payment

  • USD 80
  • Pay in full or choose Shop Pay at checkout to pay in 4 interest-free instalments of USD 20 automated every 2 weeks (subject to eligibility check and approval)
  • Once payment is received, our Course Coordinator will contact you to ensure that you are setup correctly for the Sprint.